Wedding Planning Relaxation Ideas He Should Know

Wedding Planning together can be one of the most stressful times a couple can endure during "Pre-Vow". Little does the Groom realize, but he has everything to do with the level of stress the "Bride-to-Be" is going to endure. So here are a few methods, steps, and Wedding tips specialized for the Groom to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible. To ensure that you have the happiest bride on your wedding day...

Spa Day for Her and a Friend

Yes, treat her out! She will love it. Although the Maid of Honor usually takes over this responsibility, it's important for her to know that she has your complete support in wanting her to be relaxed. What better way than giving her an extra opportunity to do it? This way she might be able to take her mom to the spa with her to get those last minute "Pre-Wedding-Day-Jitter" tips, and trust me, she'll want those.

Romantic Pic-Nic-of-Time Getaway

With the wedding moving in quickly, she's running around rampant, no self-time at all. This is an excellent time, to steal her away from everything and head to a romantic location. It is important for you to have done the classic style picnic with this one, the basket, the red/white checkered blanket, a gourmet lunch, glasses, and a delicious bottled delight of her choice. By the end of the lunch she will have forgotten all about her stress and be ready to comfortably continue planning with you.

Couples Massage

So she's been double checking, triple checking the wedding checklist, and the wedding is about to ready to happen. This is an excellent time to take her with you to get a Couples Massage. What better way to get rid of those wedding knots then with each other? By the time you're done, both of you will be completely ready to go get married.

Constantly Assure Her

During the entire process, from the Wedding Planning, Wedding Invitations, the theme and Wedding Checklist, it is the most valuable thing you can do. Constantly assure her and support her verbally, give her hugs and kisses, compliment how well she's doing. Ask her what you can do to help. Volunteer your services in places you might not know much about. She probably won't accept it, but it makes a difference! She needs to know that you're willing to be there for her through "thick-and-thin".

With a few relaxing moments, some loving support, and some great laughs with one another - the wedding planning will be as simple of a process as choosing the ring. Always remember to meet her needs and be supportive and you will be guaranteed a beautiful marriage!

The Secrets of Planning a Wedding - Tips and Ideas

Keep It Simple
The biggest secret to a successful wedding is to keep your plans simple. Avoid putting too many unnecessary elements into each stage of the planning process. Adding too much fussy detail can make this process so much more complicated and the risk of something going wrong and ruining your special day, is even greater.

Budget Mindset
The most important element in planning a successful stress-free wedding, is setting a budget and deciding on how to split up the funds, to cover each category in you wedding itinerary. Not only will adhering to your budget plan keep you from financial disaster, but it will also help you to focus on those things that are the essential ingredients, those elements that you consider will make your wedding special and unique to you.

It's All In The Details
If getting the best value for your money is important to you and helps you get the wedding you truly desire, then there are some important factors that you need to consider. Before setting a date for your wedding, do some research to find out which months are the least expensive to hold a wedding, for instance June is considered the most popular month for weddings and therefore the costs will be higher, especially when it comes to reception venues. Also, Saturday is traditionally the most popular day and therefore the costs will reflect this also. Sunday weddings are the next best option being that the costs are marginally less.

Choosing the right type of menu is also one way to keep costs down. A buffet is a cheaper alternative to a sit down 3 course meal. Other cheaper options you could consider, are morning teas receptions for daytime and a cocktail reception for the evening. The most important factor in the success of any reception is that the style of reception isn't as important as the quality of the food being served. The one detail that is remembered by wedding guests long after the wedding is over, is whether the food was good or bad.

When planning the reception that you'd like, make sure to consider your guests when making your decision. There is little point in choosing a menu or location that makes it difficult for your guests to enjoy. Things to consider would be the location and the type of venue itself. For instance, if you plan on having a reception on a boat, make sure your guests don't suffer from seasickness or have to leave early to pick up children from sitters. Also, a boat mightn't necessarily be a safe choice if you have a lot of children at the reception. If you invite mostly family members, planning an informal affair as opposed to the more formal style of reception may be more appealing to a family gathering.

Seasonal Wedding Themes and Ideas

Seasonal Wedding Themes

A couple's preference for setting their wedding date might be dependent on a favourite time of year or season. Perhaps you are dreaming of a white winter wedding in the snow, or a bright and sunny ceremony on the sand.

Once you have decided on the when, it makes perfect sense to design your wedding theme to suit your personalities and the time of year! Here are a few tips for your favourite wedding season;

Summer Wedding Ideas

Summer is the most popular season for a wedding, when the sun is shining and the weather is beautiful! Make sure that you book your venue well in advance to avoid any 'Bride Wars' style shenanigans!

For a relaxed and casual style beach wedding, choose a long flowing sun dress, kick off your heels and go naturally barefoot to your ceremony. Make sure that your invite states that 'thongs' and sandals are welcome and that you have plenty of water bottles in an ice filled bucket on hand at your hot beach location.

Provide some sun shades for your guests - grab individual umbrellas or parasols, these are available in a wide range of colours so you should be able to find something to match in with your colour scheme.

Make sure that you wear a foundation with SPF and keep your wedding make-up light and natural for that 'beachy' look. Don't forget to wear SPF lip balm under your lipgloss too or the Cancer Council offer their own range of lipsticks and glosses that carry a SPF 30.

Provide personalised sunscreen for your guests, buy your own bottles of a brand that you trust and then have labels or bottle wraps made up with your names and the date, all in line with your colour and theme.

Try to stay out of the sun before your wedding, that way you will avoid embarrassing red skin or strap marks on your big day. If you are after a bronzed look, consider getting a spray tan a couple of days before your wedding - make sure that you have a trial a few months earlier so that you know you are going to like the way that it looks.

When choosing your flowers make sure you consider types that can withstand the heat, like orchids or Calla Lilies or perhaps you could go for a seashell bouquet.

When choosing your summer wedding menu, consider the summer produce available, fresh fruit platters are a great idea and provide plenty of colour. When making your wedding cake choice, think light, rich chocolate cakes have become very popular in recent years, but lighter flavours will be best for summer.

Autumn Wedding Ideas

The warm colours of autumn can provide a spectacular backdrop for your wedding, with the leaves on the trees bursting with color and the orange and red hues from an Autumn sunset will make for some stunning photographs. Be sure to look up the time for sunset and plan your wedding carefully around that so that you make the most of the day!

Choose a theme that matches the time of year, go for a woodland rustic country style with teal, duck egg blue and natural browns and coppers.

Decide on a venue where you can capture the essence of the season and its natural beauty, some great ideas for an autumn wedding are a vineyard, farm or botanical garden.

The weather will be turning cooler so choose a fur wrap, stole or shawl to cover your shoulders so that you don't get cold, or you can go for longer sleeves on your dress.

Choose your bridesmaid dresses by selecting from colors that you naturally see occurring in the fall season - go for burgundy, apricot, mustard yellow, dark greens and warm browns, they will really help to reflect the beauty of Autumn..

There are also some stunning flowers that you can match into your theme, it would be better to consider flowers that are in season as these are likely to be less expensive - such as holly, amaryllis, daphne, iris, winter jasmine and cotoneaster. You can also include dark green leaves, or red berries to finish off your bouquets.

Design a leaf logo or pattern that you can include in your invitations, place name cards, wedding favors and bomboniere gift ideas - this is a really nice way to add a touch of the season's theme into your stationery and decorations.

Winter Wedding Ideas

While winter weddings are less popular there are many advantages to being a winter bride, the main factors being the cost and that it will be easy to book your venue with less competition for dates, but also the unique style that you can explore for your frosty theme.

Indoor locations tend to be the best for a winter wedding just in case the weather is not great. Traditional churches, grand hotels, reception rooms or inviting bed and breakfasts with open fires are all perfect for a warm and cosy wedding.

The colder weather may mean you can choose heavier fabrics for your dress with a fake fur wrap, stole or shawl to cover your shoulders so that you don't get cold, or go for a long sleeve gown which are becoming increasingly popular.

Some wintery colours to consider for your theme, your dress and make-up are shimmering silver, icy blue, or pale grey.

You can choose some great food for a wintery wedding - warm soups with seasonal vegetables, and a white chocolate or frosty iced wedding cake.

Spring Wedding Ideas

Spring is the traditional season for a wedding - the weather is warmer but not too hot and it is a beautiful time of the year to say your vows.

You can choose an outdoor location at this time of year such as a vineyard or botanical garden with their flowers in bloom, but also somewhere that you can spend the evening indoors should the weather still be slightly unpredictable.

White wedding dresses are always popular and it should be warm enough for a strapless, or short skirted number. You could go for something a bit bolder in colour or with floral embroidery on the bodice or train, a splash of colour in a sash and light floaty fabrics like chiffon will reflect the spring light perfectly.

Spring is also the season when the most beautiful flowers are in bloom, you can have the pick of the bunch with some fantastic colours to choose from, consider stunning yellow daffodils, brightly coloured tulips are in abundance and paler posies such as sweet pea and lily of the valley.

Be sure to go for a spring feel in your hair too, you can add a little flower to your up-style, maybe a frangipani, or some pink diamantes for some extra sparkle.

The sun can still be very strong in spring time so be sure to use a foundation with an SPF and add pastel colours for a fresh look.

Once you have said "I Do" and walk back down the aisle make sure that your guests have some seasonal rose petal confetti to throw, that will make for a wonderful photography opportunity.

Food at your spring wedding can be fresh and light, choose dishes with herbs and leaves for a garden feel. Fish, chicken or lamb for your main with seasonal vegetables, for your dessert maybe go for a light cheesecake or fruit tart.

Match elements of the season in your wedding cake too, you could try white chocolate, raspberry, lemon, orange and carrot, they are all great wedding cake flavours plus you can decorate with seasonal colours to match your theme.

Whichever season you choose you can be sure that there are some fantastic ideas and themes out there to match, just make sure that you do a little research to see what the trends are and what is in season at your favourite time of year.

Happy Wedding Planning!

Wedding Planning - Find Ideas For the Perfect Wedding

If you aren't able to hire someone to do your wedding planning for you, it can seem overwhelming to try and figure out everything on your own. However, if you are able to limit yourself to the number of things that you have to do, you will have a much better experience. Try delegating responsibilities to various people in your wedding party, and even family and friends who are just willing to help out. Make sure that everyone knows what you need or want, and then let them help you get everything in order. This will give you more time to relax and enjoy your wedding plans instead of stressing about every last detail.

Planning the perfect wedding seems nearly impossible to many people, but it can be done. You simply need to take the time to check out all of the different elements of your wedding and make sure that they are in order. When it comes to supplies like favors, decorations, and wedding party gifts, you should shop online to find the best prices and variety for all of the things that you need. There is no limit to what you can find online, and you can save a lot of time and effort versus shopping in traditional stores.

There are a lot of different ways to go about wedding planning, but as long as you take the time to find a strategy that works for you, you should be fine. When you need to make sure that you can maximize your time and minimize your efforts, the internet will quickly become your best friend. You can find everything from reception favors to wedding dresses online, allowing you to get the best of the best in all areas of your wedding, no matter where you live. Since you are no longer limited by your location, your wedding can become even more perfect than you might have imagined.

With the right strategy and assistance, your wedding will be easier to plan than you might realize. Don't limit yourself in any way, because you are really able to choose from anything that you want. Of course, if you have a budget that you are sticking to, that is one area where you won't be able to compromise as much. In the end, as long as you utilize the resources available to you, wedding planning can be more painless than you thought.

Wedding Planning 101 - Ideas For a Themed Event

Choosing a wedding theme is becoming more and more popular as it can make your event stand out from the crowd and seem a lot more unique at the same time. In addition to this, a themed occasion can make many of the finer details of the affair easier to plan as they will all revolve around one central idea.

Unfortunately before you can crack on with wedding planning you have to overcome one major hurdle, what theme to choose for your day. Here are a few ideas.

As weddings are all about love, a great idea may be to hold your event on Valentine's Day. Just remember to plan ahead to make sure that your florist can work on this day.

Another option is to go seasonal with your event. You can borrow colors and ideas from different times of year such as spring, summer, fall, and winter.

Alternatively, you could have a country club themed wedding. This could involve bright colors. The guys in attendance could perhaps wear khaki colored trousers with navy blue jackets, while the ladies could be dressed in ball gown style silhouettes. A monogram topped cake would also be a good idea and the entire event could take place in a large house with a lawn for food, drinks, and general socializing, or as the name suggests, a country club.

If you are keen on all things elegant then an ultra-formal theme may be for you. This type of event dictates that the men wear tuxedos with either black or whit tie and that the ladies all wear formal length dresses. The location you choose would have to reflect the formality of the occasion. A large mansion, hall, or country club would be suitable. The menu would also have to match, a three course seated meal would probably be most appropriate.

In a complete contrast you may feel far more comfortable with an informal wedding. For a casual event such as this you would have a lot of leeway to use your own creativity when setting things such as the venue, the attire and the menu. The celebration could be held anywhere, from a museum or art gallery to your own house. Similarly, your choices are wide with attire, it is perhaps best to pick something that you are comfortable wearing and make your decision considering the weather as well. Your menu could involve a buffet or perhaps even a barbeque. With this kind of event your choices are nearly endless.

How Do You Plan a Wedding - Tips and Ideas

The first week or weeks of your engagement will be one of the most happy, exciting, and thrilling days that you will ever experience leading up to your wedding. Once those first few weeks have ended, the overwhelming feeling of planning a wedding falls on your shoulders and you are just not sure what should be done first. You are not alone, every bride has this feeling. I've been there myself and hopefully the following tips will help you become a well prepared and organized bride.

One of the best ways to go about your planning is to make a list. Start by writing out your thoughts, ideas, wants and the things that have made an impression on you. During those first few weeks you will throw yourself into wedding mode. Wedding shows and magazines will become your favorite thing to watch and to read, and acquiring this wedding expertise will help give you wonderful ideas for every aspect of your wedding. Being organized and staying organized while at the same time you lead your busy lives is very hard. However, organization is the key to wedding planning. Ask any wedding planner what helps them the most in planning weddings and they will say "staying organized". The only reason I know this is because I have asked them myself and have come to find out it is very true.

There a million ideas and plans rolling through your mind as a bride to be, which is completely natural. It is a good idea to simply keep a list and/or book of all of these ideas you think of. This will help the wedding planning experience to go that much smoother. And you will thank yourself that you did it when it is all over as well.

If you are not inclined to hire a professional wedding planner to plan your wedding, there are some very helpful resources out there that can help along with the Internet. Yes, the internet is very helpful most of the time but you cannot always find what you want or need on the internet. Sometimes you have to look at other places and find it for yourself. Bookstores all around carry many different wedding books, wedding planning checklists and other planning materials, which you may find to be very beneficial to you. The self-planner books already have all the checklists and time lines you could need or want to keep yourself organized. These are more of a fill-in-the-blanks type of book. However if you do not want to buy a book you could always check the local library. They also carry wedding books, perhaps not as new but still very helpful books. Read through them and see what may help you out the most and take notes to create your own self-planner book.

One more wonderful way to create your own planning book is to use a computer. If you're not computer savvy have a friend, or sibling help you out. Every computer whether you have a PC or MAC will have word processing programs with a template or many different styles of templates for checklists and planners already available to use. One of the template planners in the word processing program may be exactly what you need to keep track of tasks, events, and appointments, and help you stay organized., By having these templates at your fingertips you can print off as many as you need, update them or correct any mistakes anytime, and you always have the option to backspace and start over entering new information. Hopefully the above ideas will help you out as you begin planning your wedding. Planning a wedding is such a wonderful time in our lives; help yourself out by being the most organized bride you can be.

Wedding Planning and Wedding Ideas 101

In recent years we have seen resurgence in the popularity of the traditional wedding style. Most couples, however, are not holding to the rigid structure of the past but are incorporating the best of the contemporary styles to reflect their own lifestyles and personalities.

Like every bride, you have a familiarity with wedding planning and an idea of what you want your own to be like. But how do you translate your knowledge of weddings into a workable plan? How do you utilize your time effectively? These are the key questions you need to keep in mind when searching for wedding ideas that guide you in planning the wedding of your dreams.

Wedding Planning

There is more to wedding planning than collecting something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue - although this wedding tradition could be a brides best first step in organization. Just keep in mind that articles that you read are meant to be resources for planning your wedding; and by getting some expert advice, you and your fiancée will succeed in accomplishing each detail. In order to help with any wedding ideas you may be considering right now, we suggest the following steps:

1.) Take a few minutes to write down what your goals are for the wedding.

2.) Try to follow a wedding planning checklist and make note of the items that are appropriate for your wedding. Then incorporate these items into your calendar.

3.) Use wedding planning forms that help you stay on track with organizing the important details.

Wedding Ideas

Planning a Michigan wedding is often the first opportunity a bridal couple has to work together on a project. It offers an invaluable learning experience, one that will help in the adjustment process once you are married. You may enlist family members and friends to help in the planning process. People usually feel honored when asked for assistance. For those who may be low on funds, it offers them an opportunity to give a gift of time and service.

Above all, remember not to allow any wedding ideas to overshadow you and your fiancés relationship. Nurturing this relationship now is vitally important to your future happiness. We highly recommend that you, as a couple, either participate in premarital counseling or attend a marriage preparation class (many churches, synagogues, and family counseling centers provide these services). No one wants to think their marriage will end in divorce, and by preparing in this way, you will lessen the probability of it happening to you.

If you feel divorce can be a "way out," then maybe you are not ready for marriage. More than anything else, a high level of commitment is the necessary ingredient in a successful marriage - and that commitment is to endure the bad times as well as the good.

Remember to set aside time before the wedding to become better acquainted with the parents of the one you love; without them, this wouldn't be happening!

Finally, do not take yourself of the wedding planning to seriously. Instead, take plenty of time to relax, to enjoy each other, and to grow in love!

Wedding Favors and Ideas, Or Ideas to Select Your Wedding Favors

However you want to look at it, there are thousands of ideas you will be bombarded with in catalogues, retail stores and the internet that offer ideas for wedding favors. The trick will be finding what you feel is right for you and your occasion. You want to come up with an idea that can serve as a gesture that means something to you and in turn will mean something to you guests. A personal touch carries far more meaning than something you picked because the store had enough on hand. Shopping, planning and thinking it through will help you with the wedding favors and ideas that make it the small gift that is exactly what you want to give.

Your wedding favors can stem from ideas related to what you do, your interests. Perhaps you and your spouse are musical, then you can select from music themed gifts. If you are both very eco friendly you could consider some bamboo coasters. Bamboo being easily replenished saves trees! You may have a career in common and both are teachers, then a set of salt and pepper shakers that are apples for the teachers would be cute. You enjoy sailing? The small sailboat card holders would be effective. Even extending the theme of your wedding and work it into the idea for wedding favors. If you have a beach themed wedding there is quite a variety of favors that will tie in this theme.

Perhaps your colors were a vibrant pink and you had splashes of pinks and fuchsia tied in all over the room. A gel candle that has a brilliant pink orchid inside would certainly serve as a memory of the pink palace you created that day.

If you begin you planning well ahead of time you will be able to research the variety of wedding favors and ideas for these small gifts so you can feel good that your choice is a reflection of you. To be something personal about you, or a statement about the day will make a simple gesture into a long term memory for all that were a part of this event.