Warm Up Your February Wedding With Red-Hot Wedding Invitations and Ideas

When one thinks of February, the first thing that comes to mind is often Valentine's Day. While this can be a great theme for any wedding, the month of February can also offer a wide variety of themes. If Valentine's Day is not your style, consider a bright winter theme or even a Mardi Gras theme for your wedding. The sky is the limit when you plan your wedding for February

Wedding invitations and themes
If you do decide on a Valentine's theme for your wedding, start off with a red or pink wedding invitation. Get your guests in the Valentine's mood with this color family and even symbols and images that fit; for example big hearts and cupids are the perfect symbol for not only the holiday, but for your wedding as well.

If your style is not quite in-line with Valentine's Day, you can still start with a great wedding invitation. February is still winter and a snowy wonderland wedding theme can be just perfect. Opt for bright white to mirror the snow and add in your own accent color. It doesn't have to be all red hearts for your wedding invitations.

Typically Mardi Gras falls in February and this can be a great, fun theme for your wedding and wedding invitations. Mardi Gras colors are gold, purple and green. Whether you use them together or pick one as an accent color, you'll have stylish and festive wedding invitations and accents. Mardi Gras always seems to give off a very festive and decadent vibe, translating this to your wedding reception can be the perfect theme for your reception.

Menu and beverages
With the winter weather you might want to consider a hearty menu. If you're keeping with a Valentine's theme, consider a plated menu a deux; pairing delicious seasonal items on the plate. Beyond that, your winter options are endless. Think hearty as the chilly weather will make a warm meal seem even more delicious. Maybe start with a hot soup course and continue with a steak or even pork in a rich gravy or mushroom sauce. A Mardi Gras theme will require a Cajun menu for authenticity's sake. Consult with your caterer for the freshest ideas.

Your bar and beverages can run from the very standard to the wildly unique. Stock wines that will pair well with your menu and think about some signature drinks as well. Pomegranate or cranberry cocktails offer the red to match your valentine's theme. A Mardi Gras cocktail can be anything from Hurricanes, Mai Tais or any bourbon concoction. More winter treats can come from a custom coffee and hot chocolate bar, too. Don't forget its still winter and your guests might enjoy a warm beverage on a chilly winter night.

February is more than just for Valentines, although, that can be a great theme, too. Pick your wedding details and wedding invitations based on the elements from the season that really speak to you and you'll have a stylish and unique ceremony and reception. And keep your guests cozy and satisfied with a hearty menu and beverages and you'll have an unforgettable February wedding.

September Wedding Invitations and Ideas Celebrate the Best of the Fall Season

Not only is September time to go back to school but it can be a great time to get married. The too-hot days of summer have passed and you're left with warm afternoons and cool evenings, perfect for your wedding reception. Fall colors lean more to the rich earthy tones and your menu can be a hearty fall feast.

Autumn wedding invitations can range in colors from a warm yellow to deep wine to earthy reds and browns. As the leaves are changing colors you can match those colors with your wedding invitations. Whether you choose a classical and elegant invention or a modern look, you can use these colors of the season for your September wedding.

September has a couple of holidays you should look out for. Labor Day is the first Monday in September. This might be a great time to have your wedding and take advantage of the extra day off. If you plan to have our wedding around Labor Day, just make sure to note that with your wedding invitation as some might not realize the date of the holiday.

Rosh Hashanah (September 19-20, 2009 and September 9-10, 2010) and Yom Kippur (September 28, 2009 and September 18, 2010) will occur in September also. While these are never on the same day on a conventional calendar, you should be aware of these holidays as your Jewish guests may not be able to attend a wedding if it falls on any of these days.

September is also back to school time. If you're planning on including children as flower girls or ring bearers, you should talk to their parents early to make sure they can make it to your wedding.

Ceremony and reception
While the days may still be warm, the nights in September can be chilly. Your best bet is either an early outdoor ceremony earlier in the afternoon and then a reception inside or an all indoor ceremony. Make a note in your wedding invitation about your ceremony and reception plans so guests can be prepared and dress accordingly.

Pepper some autumn flavors in your reception menu. A salad with roasted pumpkin seeds or a butternut squash soup can be a perfect start to an autumn meal. Entrees should be hot and hearty to keep your guests warm during the start of this chilly season. A coffee bar might be a nice touch to enjoy with your wedding cake, too.

At the bar, stock a couple of hearty red wines. You might also want to make your signature cocktail a warm drink - a hot apple cider perhaps? Or offer the apple cider as a chilled drink while the sun is still up and then offer a hot apple cider as an after dinner treat.

The chill in the air in September can be the perfect way to make your reception a warm cozy affair. Take your cues from the colors of the season and you'll have a wonderful fall reception. Be mindful not to over lap with the other special occasions in September and you'll have a wedding reception that will be long remembered.