Wedding Planning-Chapel Ideas

The first thing that springs to mind when people mention wedding chapels are the various themed chapels around Las Vegas. If you are a religious person then the decision of which chapel that you chose to get married in is usually your place of worship. This maybe a church, synagogue, mosque or other religious temple. However, if you have not had a religious upbringing, your partner is of another religion or culture or you would rather select a different venue, then it is important for you to discover the wedding chapel options available.

If you wish to have a ceremony in the style of a particular religion, most chapels have a host of different officiates who can provide the appropriate wedding ceremony to tailor to your own specific needs. The majority of wedding chapels are designed in the style of churches. Most couples seek this traditional type of scene, even if they do want a non-denominational ceremony.

Chapels advertise features such as historical buildings, oak flooring, stained glass windows, chandeliers and more. If you would prefer a modern building, it is possible to find chapels that are less traditional, such as those that are located in art galleries but you will need to research them well if you want to get a good deal, as these venues are exquisite and therefore can be costly.

Wedding chapels can come in different shapes and sizes, and can seat various amounts of people. This needs to be taken into account when booking your chosen chapel. For example, some chapels in Las Vegas are just big enough to seat the bride, groom, officiate and witness. However, the majority of chapels around the world can seat in excess of one hundred guests.

The location of your wedding chapel is key. There are numerous choices in cities and towns, but you may opt for a more natural or dramatic position. There are wedding chapels located anywhere from the Smokey Mountains to Hawaiian beaches, from Lake Tahoe to Disneyland!

If you have connections to the military, you could consider holding your wedding in a military chapel on the base. There are long waiting lists for these facilities, but they are usually free (except a charitable donation).

Some facilities offer a choice of chapel depending on your religion and it is possible to find Protestant, Catholic and Jewish chapels. However, there may be restrictions on decoration or the number of guests.

There is also a vast array of novelty, or themed wedding chapels springing up everywhere there days. The first themed chapels originate in Las Vegas, but it is now possible to find outlandish chapel designs anywhere. Aside from the ubiquitous Elvis chapels, there are options such as a neon wedding at the luminous chapel in New Orleans, or a Cowboy chapel in Nevada. Try to incorporate the theme into other aspects of your wedding, such as your attire, the music and food. Some chapels even supply costumes for the guests, which can really make your day a great deal of fun.