Destination Winter Wedding Locations and Ideas

Quite possibly you have dreamed of a winter wedding full of snow, but if you live in many areas of the world, you know that no matter what date in the winter you schedule your wedding for, Mother Nature cannot guarantee that it will be a white wedding. However, there are many places in the world in which you can travel to for a snow filled wedding day. Destination weddings aren't only reserved for tropical locations and warmer climates - you could have a destination winter wedding too.

If you would like to say within America, there are plenty of ski and snow resort destinations and lodges. Most of them have wedding packages, group rates for your guests, and can "guarantee" snow for your big day - even if it is manmade. Imagine how fun and romantic it could be to have your reception in a log cabin setting, with a roaring fire going, sipping champagne, red wine or hot apple cider. After your wedding your guests can enjoy skiing, snow tubing, snowboarding, ice skating or sleigh riding. You can look for resorts in areas such as New England, the Adirondacks in New York, Lake Tahoe, Colorado, Alaska and Utah.

If you are located outside of the United States or if you're the adventurous type, how about not only traveling to a snow filled location but also a unique wedding destination? In Europe, Canada and even the United States, there are "Ice Hotels" and snow igloo hotels in which you can get married in a venue completely made of ice or snow. These hotels give an almost crystal-like atmosphere, reflecting light and are often filled with unique one of a kind works of art by artists. Locations such as the ICE Hotel in Sweden, Igloo Village in Finland, Hôtel de Glace in Canada and Chena Hot Springs in Alaska will provide the romantic and unique wedding location you may be searching for. Many of these locations also are the in area where you can view the Northern Lights, which is a once in a lifetime opportunity for some people and will provide both you and your guests a memorable experience.

Of course, if you are planning a winter wedding near or far, do not forget to give your guests a winter wedding favor to commemorate your wedding. Some great ideas are snowflake bottle openers, snow globes, hot coca packets, picture frames, or crystal items. These will all be appreciated by your guests to remember such a wonderful event.

End the Year With Great Wedding Invitations and Ideas For Your December Wedding

Not all great weddings happen in the summer months. Your December wedding can be a winter wonderland. Imagine exchanging vows while the snow falls for a romantic wedding ceremony and reception. December can be a magical time for your wedding

If you think December wedding invitations have to be covered in red and green Santas, think again. If you're having December wedding and want to steer clear of a Christmas theme, pick designs and colors that highlight the winter months. Snowflake and starburst patterns work perfect. Whites, blues, slivers and golds can also make a big impact without being 'Christmassy'

The end of the month can be a big road block for your plans. There are many holidays to be on the look out for. If you're planning your wedding for late in the month of December, make sure you consult a calendar, or two, just to make sure you're not interfering with any holidays. We all know that Christmas is on December 25th. But be mindful of Hanukah (December 12-19, 2009 and December 2-9, 2010) as well as any other December holidays celebrated by your guests. No matter what date in December you choose, just make sure you get your save the date and wedding invitations in the mail early.

Ceremony and reception
Highlight your December wedding with lots of warm lighting (votive candles) and accents. If a Christmas theme is what you'd like, you've got many options. Dress up your ceremony with holly, Ivy, cranberries and red ribbons for a festive, but not too Christmas-ish look. Use your wedding invitation to start your theme and look and carry it through with your stylish and chic reception.

A perfect December menu includes big and hearty dishes with seasonal accents. Think of a hearty prime rib or lamb chop for an entrée and red potatoes or rice. Add in some hot grilled vegetables and you've got a great winter menu that will amaze and satisfy. Make sure you consult with your caterer for fresh ideas.

Your December bar can be full of lots of fun options. Include a selection of wines - white and red - and even some seasonal beers might be nice. For a signature cocktail you might want to try a Poinsettia - cranberry juice and champagne, peppermint hot chocolate and even egg nog is seasonal and hearty.

New Year's Eve wedding
If you're looking for a unique idea for your wedding, a New Year's Eve wedding might be just the thing. New Year's Eve is a night for celebrating, so your guests will already be in the partying mood. Take your cues from traditional celebrations and decorate in gold and silvers, stock your bar with lots of champagne and don't forget the kiss at the stroke of midnight. Your New Year's Eve wedding can be just as romantic and unique as you and your fiancé.

Take advantage of the wondrous winter season with a stylish December wedding. While you don't have to center your reception on the Christmas holiday, you can still draw on the colors and accents of the holiday if you'd like. There are no rules when it comes to your wedding style, so make it unique with your own accents and ideas.

Wedding Planning Tips - Ideas to Help You Decide on the Perfect Wedding Colors

Picking your wedding colors may sound like a simple enough task. But, for many brides it is one of the toughest decisions since there are so many choices and options to customize. Narrowing down the field can be a truly daunting task especially if you also want a fusion of several different colors or palettes.

Many brides initially pick their favorite color and think they have it wrapped up. But then, as they leaf through all the bridal magazines and online catalogs dreaming of their perfect day, another color palette catches their eye and then they're back to square one.

Here are some tips to help you more easily decide on which colors to pick for your wedding:

1. Figure out what type of statement you want to make. Are you a trendsetter or a traditionalist? What type of ceremony and reception are you having? Is it casual or formal? The colors you select should compliment your personal style and should be in line with the type of affair that you're throwing. For example, if you're traditional and will have a conservative ceremony and reception, you may not want to choose hot pink and orange as your color palette since it will not be in sync with the motif of your wedding.

2. Don't be afraid to break out of the mold and dare to be different. Although many traditions from the past are still incorporated into the modern wedding, there are so many choices now and so many ways for you to break out and make a bold statement. Don't be afraid to team up colors that you love that are bold and sassy or, alternatively, refined and unusual in combination with each other. Your wedding day is your day to shine. Don't be afraid to pick colors that will make you feel great.

3. Don't get married to a color idea before figuring out whether you'll actually be able to find and purchase items that will fit your color palette. You may love the combination of eggplant purple and chartreuse green but you may not be able to readily find wedding decorations and accessories that match or, if you do, the cost of acquiring those items may be significantly higher than what you can reasonably afford. Do your research first to get a general idea of what's readily available on the market to avoid major frustration in scouring the planet to find a chartreuse accented ring pillow and guest book.

4. If you're going to have floral centerpieces and other floral accents, be sure to pick colors that a florist will be able to work with and will be generally within your budget. As the example above, most flowers don't naturally come in shades of eggplant purple or chartreuse and while many flowers can be dyed to match a palette, there's often a significant price tag associated with that.

5. Remember the photos! How many brides from the 70's do you think regret their choice of powder blue or coral pink every time they look at their wedding album? One of the risks of going with all trendy colors or combinations instead of sticking with a more classically conservative look and feel is that you may regret it down the road. Your photos will be the lasting memories for your wedding and the colors that you love now or the hot colors in the magazines may not be the colors that you'll remember fondly 20 years from now.

By the way, do you want to learn more about wedding decorations that will help to make your wedding really stand out?

If so, I suggest you take a look on our website and read more helpful articles that will help you plan the perfect wedding.

Warm Winter Wedding Invitations and Ideas For Your November Wedding

Your November wedding can be a rich and warm affair. While the weather might not be warm, you can still convey those cozy feelings with the right colors and flavors of the seasons.

November is filled with rich earth tones, bright oranges and yellows and even deep reds. Pick these colors for your wedding invitations and you'll have a elegant and seasonal invitation. Traditional symbols of the season include cornucopias, pumpkins and gourds. Add in these designs and colors for a warm, classic November look.

Thanksgiving is a big November holiday you'll need to be aware of. Some of your guests who already have Thanksgiving travel plans might be reluctant to travel to your wedding also. Two trips in the same month might be a little much for some. If this is a concern for your wedding, you might want to consider hosting your wedding on Thanksgiving weekend.

Have a traditional Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday and then switch into wedding mode for the weekend. If you're not interested in a Thanksgiving weekend, you'll need to make sure you get your wedding invitations and save the dates in the mail as soon as possible. Advance planning gives your guests time to plan and hopefully make plans to get to your wedding reception.

Ceremony and reception
November weather will almost assuredly keep your ceremony and reception indoors. However, if you've got your heart set on an outdoor setting, make sure you rent sufficient space heaters and maybe even a canopy or tent. After your outdoor ceremony, move your guests indoors for the reception, or at least have some indoor space available. You can't ever count on the weather cooperating, so make sure you have an alternate plan. Send a note with your wedding invitation letting your guests know your plans, too.

Given the chilly weather, you might want to make sure your bridesmaids and attendants are dress accordingly. Once you pick out your dresses, you might want to give them an option with sleeves or a shawl. Keep it stylish and functional and they'll look great and thank you for it, too.

Keep your November wedding menu on the hearty side. If the weather is chilly, your guests will be looking forward to a hot, hearty meal. Since most guests will be getting their fill of turkey, stuffing and potatoes, steer clear of those options. A steak dish paired with risotto can be a great choice. Ask your caterer for some seasonal ideas.

Choose a spiced or mulled wine for a special accent to your bar. This can be served warm or chilled. Rich and big red wines can match your menu choices also. If you're looking for a signature cocktail, try something with a cranberry twist.

Candle light can also make your reception seem warmer. A few well-placed votives can go a long way to make your ceremony and reception feel homey and snug. Use candles not only at the ceremony, but incorporate them into your centerpiece, on the buffet and even on the cake table for a warm glow all over the room.

Beach Island Wedding Favors and Ideas

Are you planning a destination wedding at a beach or on a tropical island? If so you will want to make sure your wedding favors pick up on the theme. Beach island wedding favors are very popular items that your guests are sure to love. Below you will find some of the more popular beach wedding favors. These of course just give some ideas and you will want to think about and explore your wedding favors based on these ideas.

Chocolate Shells

Want something that looks elegant tastes great and reminds your guests of the wonderful island wedding they attended? Why not try chocolates that are shaped like different sized sea shells. You can place these in a fun little glass box or even a beautiful little bag with a raffia ribbon to tie it all together. These are fun for the guests to eat and will really help carry your beach themed wedding.

Beach Decorated Picture Frames

Picture frames are a very popular item to give as a wedding favor to your guests. Picture frames are great because they can be purchased blank and decorated yourself to save money or you can buy them already decorated. Either way a picture frame can be decorated in an unlimited amount of ways making for a very versatile wedding favor. It is a lso a wedding favor that has a very practical side. The guests can continue using your wedding favor for years to come. They can easily place a picture of your wedding in the frame or just use the frame to place their own pictures in. Either way every time they see the frame it will be a great reminder of the wonderful wedding they attended.

You can find a bunch of different island or beach themed wedding pictures frames and it really depends on your overall theme, colors and personal tastes. For example if you had a very casual wedding then you might want to find a frame with little beach flip flops of sandals on them. These are fun casual and often very colorful and a great reminder of the beach wedding. Or you might go with a little more formal beach look and find a decorated frame that uses seashells around the outside of the frame. Either way your guests are sure to love the frame.


Candles are another very classic wedding gift and a great idea for your guests because it is something they can use long after the wedding. You can find a variety of candles in all different shapes and sizes that fit within a beach theme.

For example you can find a silver plate tea candle holder that is shaped like a large nautilus shell. Also it is easy to find glass candle holders that are etched with sea horses or sea shells. If you are looking for something a little more colorful and less formal then why not use a flip flop or sandal shaped candle holder. These are often painted with bright colors and wonderful beach scenes. Either way there are lot of different candles that fit within your beach inspired wedding favor.

What ever beach island wedding favor you choose you are sure to end up with a favor that your guests will love and cherish and something that will create a great reminder of the wonderful time they had at your wedding. This is exactly what you want and it is the perfect thank you to give to your wedding guests.

Wedding Planning Tips - Budget Wedding Ideas

When planning your wedding day, if you're like most people, you must plan the event with a budget in mind. Weddings do not necessarily have to have an expensive price tag attached to them, and with careful planning and taking heed to a few tips from people familiar with how to plan for a wedding, costly mistakes can be avoided that will result in considerable savings.

Finding an Inexpensive Wedding Location
One of the first and probably the most costly item to plan for is the wedding location where you would like to have your ceremony held. There is an abundance of ceremonial venues available no doubt, but as you know, hundreds or even thousands of dollars can be spent on an ideal location. However, if you've considered having an outdoor ceremony, there are many suitable public areas such as state parks or recreational areas that allow marriages to take place free of charge.

For example, referring to the Lake Tahoe area in Northern California, an area of which I'm very familiar with, weddings take place daily in at least a half dozen locations on the south shore without charge. City and state parks are used and there is no compromise in the beauty of any of the settings just because it is free. These areas are picturesque and most suitable for a ceremonial event. The well-known truth "you get what you pay for" does not apply in this case.

Keep in mind, though, at these particular locations the ceremony is to be performed as what we call "stand-up weddings". What this means is that chairs or arches or any type of structures cannot be setup, although a few chairs and some small decorating with flowers and the like are acceptable.

However, if you decide you would like to go all out and provide chairs for your guests, erect a finely decorated arch and lay a runner down for the bride to make that walk down the aisle of matrimony, quite a few of these sites will allow it if you apply for a permit. Applying for a permit in most cases is neither difficult nor costly. It is simply a matter of contacting the appropriate facility that oversees the site of interest and giving them the details they require.

In the Lake Tahoe area, the cost of the permit for the locations that many wedding planners use when coordinating a wedding can be as low as $15 and range up to approximately $350 in peak wedding season. This entire process of applying and paying for the permit can be done, in many instances, right over the phone. Or, if you want convenience, if you're using a coordinator, they will provide this service, and the cost is usually included in their wedding package prices.

Professional Low-Cost Ministers
Another and sometimes costly but necessary item on the list of planning a wedding is obtaining a professional minister to perform the ceremony. Again, this cost can be minimal and fit within any budget if you just want simplicity. For example, in the Lake Tahoe area there are quite a few ministers who will travel to the wedding site, perform the service, and even issue and notarize the marriage license the day of your ceremony for under $200. This includes returning the completed license to the county clerks office where it will be recorded, making a certified copy available to you shortly thereafter. What's more, finding these ministers can be as simple as conducting a Google search in the vicinity of your chosen venue.

Although acquiring the services of a licensed minister for under $200 seems rather low, with a small amount of time invested into researching their background and credentials, you can be assured that the quality of the ceremony will not be compromised. If you work with a reputable wedding coordinator, the research in many cases should already be done for you, though additional fees most likely will be paid to the coordinator for providing the service.

If you're not working with a wedding planner and have concerns about the professional experience of a particular minister you are considering or want more than just an officiate who is merely licensed to perform ceremonies, don't be afraid to ask him questions. Do a little probing into his history and see if he has a theological degree or other qualifications for ministering and if he has any affiliation with a local church. Although there are couples who place less emphasis on a minister's background, knowing these things beforehand is a great comfort to many brides and grooms and makes the sacred event of their marriage more genuine.

Quality Photographers at a Discount
Photography is another area where huge savings can be acquired. Photographers in many areas are plentiful, and the competition is usually fierce. If you hire the services of a major photographic company, particularly one with a well-known reputation, you can expect to pay $1000 or more for your ceremony and reception. However, although a good reputation is quite desirable, there are alternatives to obtain the same quality product from reputable photographers at a discounted price.

The trick is in finding the less known photographers while maintaining excellence, which can ultimately cut the price in half. One way to accomplish this is to once again use the Google search engine. For example, type into Google's search box the keyword phrase "Wedding Photographers" and add the city or town where your wedding is to take place to these keywords. From the search results, don't look at just the top results or the fanciest websites. Rather, scroll down to the bottom of the page or go to the second page of the Google findings and make some phone calls. It's a sure bet you'll find a bargain photographer with an abundance of samples illustrating the quality of his work and capabilities.

Alternately, another method to find a great photographer without the high cost is to contact a wedding planner. Again, make a search in the area of your selected venue and ask a local coordinator for a recommendation. They usually have a list of low-cost but good photographers they work with, and though you're not using their service, most don't mind providing the information.

You'll find in many cases that fees for shooting the ceremony can be done for a flat rate as low as $100, and the reception on an hourly basis ranging from $100 to $175 per hour. Although you won't be given 500 pictures in a wedding album like many high-priced photographers may offer (which may be a little excessive anyway), you should receive ample photographs with the crucial moments of the entire event being captured. If you arrange for the photographer to be at the reception after cocktail hour and after dinner has been served---the time period when there are fewer photo opportunities---you will benefit from additional savings of hundreds of dollars.

The "small guys" will usually be happy to do this for you, and don't think you're getting short-changed on the quality of work. Just be sure to ask for their portfolio and confirm that it's their own work. You may be surprised at the comparable---and often more superior---quality of work you'll receive at a fraction of the cost.

Planning a wedding certainly isn't an easy task. But with a little investigation into the options available and with a little help from those familiar with the business, big weddings with small budgets can be planned. Following some or all of the tips included here can amount to hefty savings, making your special day a little more special by knowing you're getting the best of both worlds---the one you love and the wedding of your dreams at a price you can afford.

Beach Wedding Favors and Ideas

There are many beautiful and Romantic moments in our lives like first crush, liking someone, getting engaged and wedding. Wedding is one of them, and for everyone it is the most important moments of life. So we all want that it should be celebrated in the most exciting and unforgettable way. It should be arranged in such a manner that everyone should enjoy it.

But it is also a very stressful job to do, as we have to prepare for everything like food arrangement, decorations, dress etc. From the picking of the wedding dress to arrange the "stressful" wedding planning. It takes minimum 2-3 months to plan a full wedding, those few months of planning and preparation can be the best of your lives.

Today people want to celebrate their weddings in some different ways like they are opting theme based weddings. They don't want to confine their ceremony among the walls of their home or among beautiful tents. Beach theme weddings are one of them and they are becoming popular day by day because it makes the whole scenario exciting for children, adults and old peoples.

There are many Beach Ideas so we are able to get a new concept in every Beach Wedding. Hardly it repeats. As venue is changed so according to it dress, accessories, menu, decorations etc has also changed. So everyone wants their dress, accessories, according to the atmosphere. As it is a theme based wedding so decoration should also be done in such a way that it suits with the ceremony.

There are many Beach Wedding Favor available which solves both the purpose, it can be used as a gift as well as a decorating accessories, and the use of these favor makes the whole ceremony look very beautiful. Adults have different wedding favors like Beach Candle Favors, Beach Chair Favors, hand poured sea shell soy candles etc, while children have different like Shell Themed Favors, Starfish Themed Favors, collections wrapped in "fisherman's" netting etc. So all this makes wedding full of fun and entertainment.

Top Unique Wedding Gifts And Ideas

Wedding gifts are a wonderful way for you to show your appreciation and caring for the newly wed couple. However it is hard to feel passionate about another blender or toaster. Buy the latest kitchen gadget or home décor item might be easy but it is not very unique and says that you hardly thought of the couple. However if you purchase a unique wedding gift that stands out from the others the couple will always remember the thoughtful gift.

Below are some easy ideas that you can get for unique wedding gifts.

Unique Wedding Gifts for the Couple

All of these gifts can be shared by both the bride and groom and most of them create very nice memories of the wedding day. These unique wedding gifts are something that will hopefully sustain them through some of the rockier times later in their marriage.

Photo Quilts - These have become very popular gift items and can be found almost anywhere online and also locally if you do a little searching. These items are a lot of fun as you can imagine the newly wed couple curled up together on the couch under a blanket with their own pictures on it. What a great way to truly celebrate the couple. You simply need anywhere between 1 to 45 good quality photos that can either be printed or in digital format. You can send these in to the company and in just a few days you will get back a beautiful quilt. One fun way to do this is take pictures of botht he bride and groom and their respective families. Then use the pictures to show the uniting of two families.

Another fun idea that a photo quilt can be used for is as a guest book. Yes, that's right a guest book. Simple hang the quilt where guests will be entering before the ceremony and provide some nice sharpie permanent markers. Have everyone leave a unique and personalized message.

Personalize Photo Pillow - Can't you just see it now a wonderful photo pillow on the newly wed couples bed? You send in your favorite picture of the bride and groom and it gets turned into a unique custom wedding gift pillow. How is that for personalized!

Family Portrait Platters- you have probably all seen those cartoonists that will do caricatures of people at a local street fair or some other big gathering. Well a family photo platter takes this idea and makes it into a very unique wedding gift. You can pick the skin color, hair color and basic body types to represent each person in the family. These make wonderfully unique gifts that everyone is sure to enjoy.

Custom Wedding Cake Toppers - Want to go all out and give a unique wedding gift. Try a custom wedding cake topper. You send in pictures of the couple including images of their clothes and or activities that they like to do and a sculptor will make a custom wedding cake topper based on your input. Just make sure you work this out with the wedding planner and bride before spending the money. These are typically done in polymer clay and will last forever.

These are just a few of the many of great ideas for unique wedding gifts. It is very popular and thoughtful to give something that has been personalized and this is something to consider as you search for your unique gift. Adding the personalization shows that you have taken the time to think about the newly weds and their likes and dislikes and not just gotten a stock out of the store mass produced gift.

Whatever unique wedding gift you choose an important key it to plan ahead. You do not want to try and do any of the above ideas the day before the wedding. To make a gift personalized can take some time and you will want to leave two or more weeks to get the gift done. So plan ahead, be creative and have fun with your wedding gift and you are sure to end up with something they will remember and cherish forever. Much better then just another toaster that will get returned.

Useful Wedding Tips and Ideas

A wedding is a crucial turning point in our lives. It's sanctity and significance holds high value and for most of the lucky ones this happens only once and is followed by an onset of a new life with your special someone. So, in order to make this day memorable it becomes essentially important to make no mistakes and plan a perfect wedding. To execute a plan for the perfect wedding you need to have appropriate wedding ideas woven in your mind already and look for wedding tips from all kinds of sources possible. There are a host of wedding services available in the market that caters to your specific needs.

You can plan your wedding using wedding ideas that have been passed down through generations or think of totally out of the box wedding ideas to make it one of its kinds. From the ceremony to the reception everything has to be carefully chalked out. You can either go online or buy some books worthwhile to guide you with certain useful wedding tips. Before you plan on all various wedding services to be hired or other wedding related items to be purchased you need to finalize on an overall budget that you are willing to spend on your special day. Having an estimate of costs that you can afford on the various wedding services should be your first step in planning your wedding.

Then you start off with the wedding ceremony and decide whether you would want it the old fashioned way or might want to set up a theme for your wedding and make it a "fun wedding". The decision should be centrally focused upon the bride and the groom, the way they want it is the best way of going about having a perfect wedding. Once the ceremony is decided, all the wedding services that relate to the consequent ceremonial rituals ought to be booked beforehand. Deciding on the wedding reception, venue, food and drinks is the next step. Choose a venue that fits well into your budget, is very well related to the kind of ceremony you plan to conduct, is suitable for all seasons and is spacious and comfortable enough to fit in the guests and other invitees.

While choosing the kind of cuisine you serve you need to get some useful tips from people who have already conducted weddings and you have tasted some really good food at their weddings. This way you do not have to worry about any new caterers messing up the food and worry and regret about it later. Flowers make the wedding complete. They are the perfect add on to a typical wedding and they add eons of elegance to the occasion. Choose the best florists with the best deals and offers or you can even log on to the internet and look for discounted offers with florists on their websites. A wedding is incomplete without song and dance and thus you can either choose to hire a band for a subtle wedding or hire a DJ for a funky wedding party. Photographers and cameramen are to be carefully chosen preferably those you know for sure give excellent output.

Wedding invitations are also to be booked in advance and sent out on time which ensures a hassle free counting of the number of actual guests who intend to attend your wedding. Make arrangements for wedding cakes, wedding bands and transportation facilities all in advance. Finally, the most important of all are the wedding outfits. Tailor-made wedding outfits are the most suitable and this has to be worked upon a few months prior to the wedding and make sure that you have it tried on several times until you get a perfect fit. Again going online to get some fabulous ideas for the dress design is also a good idea. You also need to take into consideration dresses for the bridesmaid, groomsmen, page boys, flower girls, maid of honor and the best man. Thus careful planning and execution way ahead of the wedding day is the best way to go about arranging all your wedding requirements systematically.

Money Saving Wedding Tips and Ideas

After being a bride myself and realizing how expensive weddings can be and how the smallest details add up so quickly, I decided to put together an article that provides tips to stay on budget. There are ways to save on wedding expenses while still having a fabulous wedding.

First, pick three things that are most important to you such as the food, dress, and open bar. Contact the vendors you want to use and budget for these items first.

Limiting the guest list will save money on invitations, food and alcohol, not to mention the more people who attend the more favors and flowers will be needed for the tables. Cutting the guest list won't be as hard as you think. If you have never met, spoken to, or heard the guests name do you really want to be introduced at your wedding?

Choose only your absolute favorite people to be in your bridal party. The bridal party gets very expensive with bridesmaids bouquets costing about $100 each and buying thank you gifts.

Pass on unnecessary details such as expensive paper for programs or an upgraded bar.

Get multiple quotes on wedding stationary including invitations, programs and menus. Printing and paper costs vary across the board so make sure you look at samples.

Flowers are beautiful but spending $400 on a bride's bouquet that you will hold for less than five minutes may not be the best way to use your budget. Instead splurge on the table flowers which guests will be looking at throughout dinner. Choose seasonal flowers to be cost effective.

Decide on a menu that is filling using seasonal ingredients to keep costs down. Skip the additional dessert most guests only eat a bite of wedding cake anyway.

To keep cake costs down which can range from $3 to $15 per person accent using real flowers instead of sugar flowers. Only use a few tiers and have additional sheet cakes for serving.

Remember that most things you will only use that night and they will be garbage the next day so only splurge on your absolute favorites.