End the Year With Great Wedding Invitations and Ideas For Your December Wedding

Not all great weddings happen in the summer months. Your December wedding can be a winter wonderland. Imagine exchanging vows while the snow falls for a romantic wedding ceremony and reception. December can be a magical time for your wedding

If you think December wedding invitations have to be covered in red and green Santas, think again. If you're having December wedding and want to steer clear of a Christmas theme, pick designs and colors that highlight the winter months. Snowflake and starburst patterns work perfect. Whites, blues, slivers and golds can also make a big impact without being 'Christmassy'

The end of the month can be a big road block for your plans. There are many holidays to be on the look out for. If you're planning your wedding for late in the month of December, make sure you consult a calendar, or two, just to make sure you're not interfering with any holidays. We all know that Christmas is on December 25th. But be mindful of Hanukah (December 12-19, 2009 and December 2-9, 2010) as well as any other December holidays celebrated by your guests. No matter what date in December you choose, just make sure you get your save the date and wedding invitations in the mail early.

Ceremony and reception
Highlight your December wedding with lots of warm lighting (votive candles) and accents. If a Christmas theme is what you'd like, you've got many options. Dress up your ceremony with holly, Ivy, cranberries and red ribbons for a festive, but not too Christmas-ish look. Use your wedding invitation to start your theme and look and carry it through with your stylish and chic reception.

A perfect December menu includes big and hearty dishes with seasonal accents. Think of a hearty prime rib or lamb chop for an entrée and red potatoes or rice. Add in some hot grilled vegetables and you've got a great winter menu that will amaze and satisfy. Make sure you consult with your caterer for fresh ideas.

Your December bar can be full of lots of fun options. Include a selection of wines - white and red - and even some seasonal beers might be nice. For a signature cocktail you might want to try a Poinsettia - cranberry juice and champagne, peppermint hot chocolate and even egg nog is seasonal and hearty.

New Year's Eve wedding
If you're looking for a unique idea for your wedding, a New Year's Eve wedding might be just the thing. New Year's Eve is a night for celebrating, so your guests will already be in the partying mood. Take your cues from traditional celebrations and decorate in gold and silvers, stock your bar with lots of champagne and don't forget the kiss at the stroke of midnight. Your New Year's Eve wedding can be just as romantic and unique as you and your fiancé.

Take advantage of the wondrous winter season with a stylish December wedding. While you don't have to center your reception on the Christmas holiday, you can still draw on the colors and accents of the holiday if you'd like. There are no rules when it comes to your wedding style, so make it unique with your own accents and ideas.