Wedding Invitations and Ideas For Your April Wedding

An April wedding can be a beautiful spring affair. The weather is not too hot, the spring blooms are starting to poke through and everyone is enjoying a sense of renewal and rebirth. April can be the perfect time to begin your lives together with a beautiful wedding.

Take advantage of the light pastel colors to create a bright wedding invitation. Some patterns that look great for an April wedding invitation include seersucker, pinstripe and polka dots. Take your cues from Easter tones with pale yellow, baby blue, light pink, muted green and lavender are all great for April. Include a lavender sachet or a pretty pastel ribbon with your invitation for a beautiful and subtle spring touch.

Also, if you're sending your spring-themed wedding invitations on time, they should reach your guests around February or March (depending on when in April your wedding is set for) - just in time to relieve your guests of the winter doldrums.

Seasonal flowers for April include Bells of Ireland, Chrysanthemum, Snap Dragons and Sweet Peas. Take your cues from these light colors and accent with your flowers. Choosing flowers that are in season can save you some money and give your wedding bouquet a fresh look.

Since April is also Easter-time you may have to deal with Easter decorations. Make sure you check with any venue you rent or the church where your wedding ceremony will be held to make sure you either like the decorations or can have them removed for your event.

Reception menu
While there is no rule about which foods to serve you might consider fresh foods and baby vegetables to pair with a light chicken or salmon dish. A crisp salad with strawberries or apricots can add zing to your April menu. For the bar, served chilled white wine and a fruity punch or signature cocktail

In many areas, the weather can be unpredictable in April. But don't let this deter you from an April wedding. If you're planning for an outdoor wedding, make sure you have some indoor space available in case the April showers loom. Make a note on your invitation about your 'plan b' so guests know where to go in the event of inclement weather.

Again, the weather may dictate some of your details for you. Make sure you to note your indoor or outdoor plans on your April wedding invitation so guests can dress accordingly. Any day in April can be warm and sunny or rainy and chilly. Additionally, plan on dressing your bridesmaids appropriately for the weather; consider a sleeved dress or a wrap to go with their dress. This will keep them warm and prepared for just about any weather situation.

April is a beautiful time to plan your wedding. Start with a bright spring invitation and you'll have everyone excited for your beautiful spring affair. Stay ahead of the fickle weather with a great 'plan b' - just in case - and you'll enjoy a great April wedding day

Themed Weddings - Tips and Ideas For Creating Wonderful Memories

A fun wedding trend is hosting a wedding with a theme. Wedding couples across the country are thinking of ways to create an unforgettable ceremony and reception. Creating a theme adds your personality to the celebration's look and tone. It can be as decorative, modern or traditional as you prefer. It helps build continuity throughout your planning so it easier to make decoration, location and program decisions.

Fashioning A Theme
Ideas for a theme are often selected based on your personal tastes, preferences and about how you want your wedding remembered. Choose your theme as you start its planning so the location, decorations and apparel are coordinated. Reserve time for a brainstorming session with your fiancé to discover what appeals to each of you. It could be as simple as a color combination, graphic symbol or a pattern like tropical plants or stripes. It could be a shared memory, such as a European adventure or how you met while learning a sport or attending a friend's holiday party. You may even consider a quote or music to inspire your selection. Next, let your imagination loose as you apply the theme to two areas, such as the cake and invitations, or to as many as your budget allows. Some couples may decide to extend their theme by accenting it with costumes, food, and actors. It can even be used to plan a destination wedding so the theme is the location. No matter what your plans, make sure you are both comfortable and capable of implementing it based of your available time and money.

A Few Ideas
If devising a theme seems like too much effort, think again. A wedding near a holiday has its benefits - family plans are sometimes easier to coordinate around a holiday and the holiday can lend its theme to your wedding. For example, Christmas or Valentine Day make planning easy since decorations are in ample supply in most stores. Do you love history? Pick your favorite time period as your theme. Are you a lover of animals - why not have a butterfly or snow tiger themed event. Are you known for as a collector of wines or traveler to favorite locations, such as an old movie theater or wild flower garden? Ideas are everywhere you go.

Easy Decisions
A themed wedding might sound like more work, but it will actually make your decisions much easier. Why? There are so many wedding options available, that your theme focuses your attention. You will probably devise new ideas for your wedding as you work, drive and daydream. Imagine - instead of looking at all flowers, invitations and dresses, you will automatically screen out a myriad of colors and designs that do not fit your theme. The best choices are more obvious.

Engaging The Theme
Planning usually starts next with a venue and then invitations. When guests receive their invitations, the tone and style is set. You then carry your theme throughout the rest of your plans. Have fun and be creative! If you decided to host a Hawaiian wedding, aside from the tropical beach decorations, accent the event with one or two unexpected gestures that will delight. Your guests can be greeted at the reception with leis over their neck and sandals on their feet. Hawaiian dancers, island music, surfboards and a volcanic drink fountain will keep your guests entertained.

Creating a unique theme will not only make your wedding stand out, but it coordinate your decorations, favors, menu, dresses, bride bag and other items and will give it personality. Celebrate your love and remember to have fun - the ultimate theme is your love, values and faith in each other.

Wedding Planning Done the Right Way

So you are engaged? Congratulations! But you can't just sit around looking at your diamond ring and waiting for an opportunity to show it off to your neighbors and friends and not worry about the big day to come. Weddings are the most significant part of everyone's lives; it is an important milestone of life which almost everyone passes through and expects it to be the most memorable day of their lives. Apart from the obvious part where the bride and groom exchange vows and say "I do" and the priests says "you may now kiss the bride" there are other things in a wedding that makes it complete and perfectly divine.

In order to get your special day flawlessly proceeded with, you need to have some major wedding planning to be undertaken way ahead of the D-day. A good wedding planning is based on one's creativity. You may not necessarily want to stick to the normal stereotypical wedding and may want to have a theme wedding or a fun wedding that sets you apart from the crowd. Although even when it comes to conventional wedding settings you need a good wedding plan as well because it involves a lot of factors and elements that are interwoven to each other. You may want to get some really useful wedding ideas from your peers and friends who have already had such wedding parties.

Most of your wedding ideas depend on what the bride and the groom want on their special day. It is a day that revolves around them and they are the ones who get to decide what kind of wedding planning and ideas suit their needs. With just the right amount of planning you must be capable of coming up with solutions for different scenarios. You must always be prepared for managing the last minute hiccups and wedding day disasters. You need to be organized and have an eye for detail. You may take the help of your close friends and relatives because it is impractical to take time off to manage all this on your own. In recent times, these jobs are conveniently done with the aid of a wedding planner. However, if you insist on adding a personal touch to your wedding you may well be equipped with the proper guidance and essential steps to proceed further with your wedding plans.

It is normally observed that the wedding bride has more concerns when it comes to looking and feeling perfect for her wedding day as compared to the groom. The wedding bride is going to be the center of attraction on her special day and has hopes of living this fairytale of her marriage with elegance and grace. The thing that is most important for a wedding bride on her wedding day is her dress. It's her wedding gown that sets her apart from everyone present on that occasion as she embarks on a new journey of life with her special someone. She is the movie star, the celebrity, the princess of the day. A perfect bridal gown that is custom-made or ready made and is bought way before time and tried on many a times gets her nerves to calm down as the D-day comes closer. Being well prepared for the wedding day gives you more time to relax and look beautiful on that day. With the perfect gown and the perfect hairdo and the perfect make up she is all set to sweep the groom off his feet and live happily ever after.

Warm Up Your October Wedding With Rich Wedding Invitations and Ideas

Your October wedding can be warm and cozy despite the weather turning colder. Seek out the rich colors and patterns of the season for your wedding invitations and reception décor for a stylish look. Tap into the fresh fall foods and you'll have a delicious and seasonal menu perfect for your big day in October.

Many think only of orange and black then they think of October. But the truth is that many rich colors and earth tones can go perfectly with your October wedding invitation. Match the changing leaves with reds, oranges, yellows and browns. Pair those colors with an opulent pattern like damask and you've got a lavish invitation for your October wedding. If orange is your color, don't be afraid to use it. It doesn't have to be paired with black - making it look like a Halloween card. Choose a fiery orange and pair with cream or brown invitation and you'll have a fall look that doesn't even hint at Halloween.

Traditionally, the second Monday of October is Columbus Day. This might be a great chance to extend your wedding weekend if you and your guest typically have a day off for Columbus Day. Before picking your date and sending your wedding invitations, you might want to consult a Jewish calendar as there are a few Jewish holidays in the month of October. And, of course, Halloween is on October 31st. Unless you are planning a Halloween themed wedding, you might want to steer clear of getting married on this day.

Ceremony and reception
The October chill will drive most brides indoors for their ceremony and reception. But don't let this squelch your creativity. You might want to pick an indoor location that has a hearth or fireplace where you can perform your ceremony. If you're bringing the colors of the season into your ceremony, add some votive candles and accent with dried leaves to make your indoor ceremony feel like it is outside in nature.

October is harvest time and your menu should reflect those seasonal flavors. Start your meal with a warm soup or bisque instead of a cold salad. Your entrée should be hot hearty also. If you're not a big red meat eater, you might want to try a warm, creamy chicken dish and grilled seasonal vegetables - think squash, carrots, zucchini and potatoes. For an additional cozy accent, consider seating your guests at long 'harvest' tables for family-style service.

Your bar should include some big, rich red wines that will compliment your menu. For a signature cocktail try a pumpkin martini. Pumpkin liqueur can be hard to find, but worth it for a great fall drink. If you can't find it, ask your cater to provide you with a sweetened pumpkin puree or a pumpkin syrup. Add a hot cider for a warm non-alcoholic option.

October's blooms can be limited in some areas. Your best bet might be to pick the colors you want and ask your florist to come up with some looks for you. Gerbera daisies are usually not hard to find and can be found in many colors. Roses are also another safe bet and available in lots of colors and shades. If you're sticking with fall hues, you might consider the Alstromeria, Snapdragons or Sunflowers.

Your October wedding doesn't have to revolve around Halloween. Rely on the great colors and fantastic flavors of the season that will treat your guests to a rich and cozy October wedding.