Themed Weddings - Tips and Ideas For Creating Wonderful Memories

A fun wedding trend is hosting a wedding with a theme. Wedding couples across the country are thinking of ways to create an unforgettable ceremony and reception. Creating a theme adds your personality to the celebration's look and tone. It can be as decorative, modern or traditional as you prefer. It helps build continuity throughout your planning so it easier to make decoration, location and program decisions.

Fashioning A Theme
Ideas for a theme are often selected based on your personal tastes, preferences and about how you want your wedding remembered. Choose your theme as you start its planning so the location, decorations and apparel are coordinated. Reserve time for a brainstorming session with your fiancé to discover what appeals to each of you. It could be as simple as a color combination, graphic symbol or a pattern like tropical plants or stripes. It could be a shared memory, such as a European adventure or how you met while learning a sport or attending a friend's holiday party. You may even consider a quote or music to inspire your selection. Next, let your imagination loose as you apply the theme to two areas, such as the cake and invitations, or to as many as your budget allows. Some couples may decide to extend their theme by accenting it with costumes, food, and actors. It can even be used to plan a destination wedding so the theme is the location. No matter what your plans, make sure you are both comfortable and capable of implementing it based of your available time and money.

A Few Ideas
If devising a theme seems like too much effort, think again. A wedding near a holiday has its benefits - family plans are sometimes easier to coordinate around a holiday and the holiday can lend its theme to your wedding. For example, Christmas or Valentine Day make planning easy since decorations are in ample supply in most stores. Do you love history? Pick your favorite time period as your theme. Are you a lover of animals - why not have a butterfly or snow tiger themed event. Are you known for as a collector of wines or traveler to favorite locations, such as an old movie theater or wild flower garden? Ideas are everywhere you go.

Easy Decisions
A themed wedding might sound like more work, but it will actually make your decisions much easier. Why? There are so many wedding options available, that your theme focuses your attention. You will probably devise new ideas for your wedding as you work, drive and daydream. Imagine - instead of looking at all flowers, invitations and dresses, you will automatically screen out a myriad of colors and designs that do not fit your theme. The best choices are more obvious.

Engaging The Theme
Planning usually starts next with a venue and then invitations. When guests receive their invitations, the tone and style is set. You then carry your theme throughout the rest of your plans. Have fun and be creative! If you decided to host a Hawaiian wedding, aside from the tropical beach decorations, accent the event with one or two unexpected gestures that will delight. Your guests can be greeted at the reception with leis over their neck and sandals on their feet. Hawaiian dancers, island music, surfboards and a volcanic drink fountain will keep your guests entertained.

Creating a unique theme will not only make your wedding stand out, but it coordinate your decorations, favors, menu, dresses, bride bag and other items and will give it personality. Celebrate your love and remember to have fun - the ultimate theme is your love, values and faith in each other.