Wedding Invitations and Ideas For Your April Wedding

An April wedding can be a beautiful spring affair. The weather is not too hot, the spring blooms are starting to poke through and everyone is enjoying a sense of renewal and rebirth. April can be the perfect time to begin your lives together with a beautiful wedding.

Take advantage of the light pastel colors to create a bright wedding invitation. Some patterns that look great for an April wedding invitation include seersucker, pinstripe and polka dots. Take your cues from Easter tones with pale yellow, baby blue, light pink, muted green and lavender are all great for April. Include a lavender sachet or a pretty pastel ribbon with your invitation for a beautiful and subtle spring touch.

Also, if you're sending your spring-themed wedding invitations on time, they should reach your guests around February or March (depending on when in April your wedding is set for) - just in time to relieve your guests of the winter doldrums.

Seasonal flowers for April include Bells of Ireland, Chrysanthemum, Snap Dragons and Sweet Peas. Take your cues from these light colors and accent with your flowers. Choosing flowers that are in season can save you some money and give your wedding bouquet a fresh look.

Since April is also Easter-time you may have to deal with Easter decorations. Make sure you check with any venue you rent or the church where your wedding ceremony will be held to make sure you either like the decorations or can have them removed for your event.

Reception menu
While there is no rule about which foods to serve you might consider fresh foods and baby vegetables to pair with a light chicken or salmon dish. A crisp salad with strawberries or apricots can add zing to your April menu. For the bar, served chilled white wine and a fruity punch or signature cocktail

In many areas, the weather can be unpredictable in April. But don't let this deter you from an April wedding. If you're planning for an outdoor wedding, make sure you have some indoor space available in case the April showers loom. Make a note on your invitation about your 'plan b' so guests know where to go in the event of inclement weather.

Again, the weather may dictate some of your details for you. Make sure you to note your indoor or outdoor plans on your April wedding invitation so guests can dress accordingly. Any day in April can be warm and sunny or rainy and chilly. Additionally, plan on dressing your bridesmaids appropriately for the weather; consider a sleeved dress or a wrap to go with their dress. This will keep them warm and prepared for just about any weather situation.

April is a beautiful time to plan your wedding. Start with a bright spring invitation and you'll have everyone excited for your beautiful spring affair. Stay ahead of the fickle weather with a great 'plan b' - just in case - and you'll enjoy a great April wedding day