Wedding Planning 101 - Ideas For a Themed Event

Choosing a wedding theme is becoming more and more popular as it can make your event stand out from the crowd and seem a lot more unique at the same time. In addition to this, a themed occasion can make many of the finer details of the affair easier to plan as they will all revolve around one central idea.

Unfortunately before you can crack on with wedding planning you have to overcome one major hurdle, what theme to choose for your day. Here are a few ideas.

As weddings are all about love, a great idea may be to hold your event on Valentine's Day. Just remember to plan ahead to make sure that your florist can work on this day.

Another option is to go seasonal with your event. You can borrow colors and ideas from different times of year such as spring, summer, fall, and winter.

Alternatively, you could have a country club themed wedding. This could involve bright colors. The guys in attendance could perhaps wear khaki colored trousers with navy blue jackets, while the ladies could be dressed in ball gown style silhouettes. A monogram topped cake would also be a good idea and the entire event could take place in a large house with a lawn for food, drinks, and general socializing, or as the name suggests, a country club.

If you are keen on all things elegant then an ultra-formal theme may be for you. This type of event dictates that the men wear tuxedos with either black or whit tie and that the ladies all wear formal length dresses. The location you choose would have to reflect the formality of the occasion. A large mansion, hall, or country club would be suitable. The menu would also have to match, a three course seated meal would probably be most appropriate.

In a complete contrast you may feel far more comfortable with an informal wedding. For a casual event such as this you would have a lot of leeway to use your own creativity when setting things such as the venue, the attire and the menu. The celebration could be held anywhere, from a museum or art gallery to your own house. Similarly, your choices are wide with attire, it is perhaps best to pick something that you are comfortable wearing and make your decision considering the weather as well. Your menu could involve a buffet or perhaps even a barbeque. With this kind of event your choices are nearly endless.