How Do You Plan a Wedding - Tips and Ideas

The first week or weeks of your engagement will be one of the most happy, exciting, and thrilling days that you will ever experience leading up to your wedding. Once those first few weeks have ended, the overwhelming feeling of planning a wedding falls on your shoulders and you are just not sure what should be done first. You are not alone, every bride has this feeling. I've been there myself and hopefully the following tips will help you become a well prepared and organized bride.

One of the best ways to go about your planning is to make a list. Start by writing out your thoughts, ideas, wants and the things that have made an impression on you. During those first few weeks you will throw yourself into wedding mode. Wedding shows and magazines will become your favorite thing to watch and to read, and acquiring this wedding expertise will help give you wonderful ideas for every aspect of your wedding. Being organized and staying organized while at the same time you lead your busy lives is very hard. However, organization is the key to wedding planning. Ask any wedding planner what helps them the most in planning weddings and they will say "staying organized". The only reason I know this is because I have asked them myself and have come to find out it is very true.

There a million ideas and plans rolling through your mind as a bride to be, which is completely natural. It is a good idea to simply keep a list and/or book of all of these ideas you think of. This will help the wedding planning experience to go that much smoother. And you will thank yourself that you did it when it is all over as well.

If you are not inclined to hire a professional wedding planner to plan your wedding, there are some very helpful resources out there that can help along with the Internet. Yes, the internet is very helpful most of the time but you cannot always find what you want or need on the internet. Sometimes you have to look at other places and find it for yourself. Bookstores all around carry many different wedding books, wedding planning checklists and other planning materials, which you may find to be very beneficial to you. The self-planner books already have all the checklists and time lines you could need or want to keep yourself organized. These are more of a fill-in-the-blanks type of book. However if you do not want to buy a book you could always check the local library. They also carry wedding books, perhaps not as new but still very helpful books. Read through them and see what may help you out the most and take notes to create your own self-planner book.

One more wonderful way to create your own planning book is to use a computer. If you're not computer savvy have a friend, or sibling help you out. Every computer whether you have a PC or MAC will have word processing programs with a template or many different styles of templates for checklists and planners already available to use. One of the template planners in the word processing program may be exactly what you need to keep track of tasks, events, and appointments, and help you stay organized., By having these templates at your fingertips you can print off as many as you need, update them or correct any mistakes anytime, and you always have the option to backspace and start over entering new information. Hopefully the above ideas will help you out as you begin planning your wedding. Planning a wedding is such a wonderful time in our lives; help yourself out by being the most organized bride you can be.