Wedding Favors and Ideas, Or Ideas to Select Your Wedding Favors

However you want to look at it, there are thousands of ideas you will be bombarded with in catalogues, retail stores and the internet that offer ideas for wedding favors. The trick will be finding what you feel is right for you and your occasion. You want to come up with an idea that can serve as a gesture that means something to you and in turn will mean something to you guests. A personal touch carries far more meaning than something you picked because the store had enough on hand. Shopping, planning and thinking it through will help you with the wedding favors and ideas that make it the small gift that is exactly what you want to give.

Your wedding favors can stem from ideas related to what you do, your interests. Perhaps you and your spouse are musical, then you can select from music themed gifts. If you are both very eco friendly you could consider some bamboo coasters. Bamboo being easily replenished saves trees! You may have a career in common and both are teachers, then a set of salt and pepper shakers that are apples for the teachers would be cute. You enjoy sailing? The small sailboat card holders would be effective. Even extending the theme of your wedding and work it into the idea for wedding favors. If you have a beach themed wedding there is quite a variety of favors that will tie in this theme.

Perhaps your colors were a vibrant pink and you had splashes of pinks and fuchsia tied in all over the room. A gel candle that has a brilliant pink orchid inside would certainly serve as a memory of the pink palace you created that day.

If you begin you planning well ahead of time you will be able to research the variety of wedding favors and ideas for these small gifts so you can feel good that your choice is a reflection of you. To be something personal about you, or a statement about the day will make a simple gesture into a long term memory for all that were a part of this event.